Trying to add a peak to our winter 48 lists we chose Hale as a quick hike for a Sunday.  I was joined by Marty and Clarke (Ridgerunner) and we got to the parking area on 302, geared up and were moving by 8:20. Zealand Road was barebootable; Marty put on snowshoes after the plowed road ended and I put on Microspikes.  We arrived at the Hale Brook Trailhead in an hour and headed up.

After a 16 mile workout the day before I could feel the burn and Marty and Clarke were kind enough to pity me to waiting for me at points.  Since I postholed deeply as I was crossing the brook and to the other side of the ravine, I put on snowshoes (as did Clarke). We moved up steadily as it kept snowing; it snowed most of the day adding a few inches of powder.  Nothing exciting to report and I eventually met Marty and Clarke at the summit after 2 hours and 40 minutes.  We ran into a group that included Senator Jeb Bradley (who Marty had met before) but due to cold and windy conditions everybody dropped off the summit quickly.

Descent was uneventful; Clarke motored down quickly ahead and Marty and I occasionally  butt slid where it was reasonable.  I tweaked my achilles  over striding going down and was glad to be back on the road.  We zipped back to the cars in a little under 5 hours.

Not many pictures, but can be seen here .  Winter peak number 25. 

Eric: Like your site and your report. Sounds like you guys had a great day.



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