Training has been decent with nagging injuries slowing me down but I was clearly ready to do the NJ Ultra Festival 50k March 19, and do it in a lot better than my 8:16 personal best.  This wasn’t the big charity race, but another step in training to getting there. 

But the disease that I hope to raise money for had other plans.  On Thursday evening, the night before leaving for NJ, my wife Audra went into the hospital.  New effects of the Sarcoidosis had started this week, and finally it was enough and it needed a full battery of tests to identify the issue and the treatment.  Notice I don’t say cure.  That’s the essence of Sarcoidosis.  No cures, just recurring and new symptoms.  Its pain by 1,000 cuts.  You don’t get the big splash, just a continual attack on the ability to symptom free.

It’s Saturday night, and instead of being in the car returning from the race, we are back in the house from the hospital.  And that’s the good news.  Symptoms identified and treatment started and the hope for an extended period of feeling good.

Back on the Ultra side of things, I used the last couple of days to do some runs and will hit a decent run tomorrow.  If all goes well, next weekend I have some plans for something totally different to make up today’s 50k loss to Sarcoidosis.

In better Ultra news, this week I signed up for the 24 Around the lake 12 hour race in July  and today registered for the big Charity race, the Oil Creek 100k.  Good to have that under the belt.  Next up is the Pineland farm 50 Miler.  Training is in full force this weekend, the 13 hour time limit a challenge.  If Sarcoidosis isn’t going to stop my wife, then these little runs ain’t stopping me.

If you would like to contribute any amount to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis research, my Charity site is here.  Thanks for the read!

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