2011 Race Calendar-  Updated

As training for Oil Creek 100K continues and the weather gets better I am adding in some additional races.  The benefits for each race may differ- a long training run or a short faster race for speed (which is sort of funny since nothing I do should have the word speed associated with it).

For the remainder of 2011, subject to additional changes:

*May 21- Bedford Rotary 12K.  In the middle of tapering, good chance for a short faster run.

May 29- Pineland Farms 50K.  First main race of 2011.

*June 18- Six in the Stix Trail Run-   ran this two years and 21 pounds ago as first race running in many years, will be fun to see the progress.

*July 2- Finger Lakes Fifties 50K- actually is 32.9 miles.  Chance to visit new area; do a long training run, and camp right along course on a low elevation gain loop.

July 29- 24 Around the Lake 12 Hour Race- complete as many miles in 12 hours in a 3 mile loop as possible….good to practice keeping on feet for a long time and running at night.

*September 18- Pisgah Mt. Trail Race 50K- final long effort before taper for Oil Creek 100K.  First 50K and Ultra ever in 2010.  Probably not an all out effort, but close..

October 8- Oil Creek 100K- return to finish what was started last year (dropped at 53.5 miles).  A just finish effort, and enjoy the day.  Last race of this distance for a long time…….

*- Newly added races.

I have my eye on a couple of events in November; pending how I think recovery will go for Oil Creek and registration timing.  There is enough to worry and target for now……………..

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