I came to the end today of a 6 week cycle of training; which will be followed by a week of reduced training to refresh my legs.  After that, I will kick back up the training for another 6 week cycle which will end some time near the beginning of March.  From the beginning of March until March 19, which is when the NJ Ultra Festival is, I will continue a reduced level of training.  I don't plan a full taper for the NJ Ultra, but do want to ease off a bit to have a positive race.

For comparison purposes, in December 2009 and January 2010 my best workout was a 32 minute walk at 20 minutes per mile with less than 500 feet of elevation gain.  This was necessitated by injuries during November 2009.  This period included zero days of any running at all.  During the current cycle just ended, my longest workout was around 4 hours, covering 17.5 miles.  Possibly most important, was the fact I ran during 16 days, the longest amount of running in one day was nearly two hours and the typical run was for 60 minutes.  Night and day from last year at this time.

On the negative side, knee aches are starting to surface and shin pain is starting.  This week of easing off should do a lot towards helping, with the regular icing and stretching program.

There is still a question as to the race I will do at NJ Ultra.  I am currently signed up for the 50 miler but have considered dropping down to the 50k.  Training has gone well but I was hurt in November and I still feel issues in my lower left leg.  The RD has told me I can decide the week before the race, which is cool, so I will decide then.  The pro's are an easy course which means I can run as much as possible and still easily walk in the rest.  the con's are the fact that the extra mileage if my legs aren't fully healed I can do damage and with a shorter race I can rest up before the long ride home.  We'll see. 

I have already highlighted my races for 2011, I have some ideas brewing fore 2012 and 2013.  I'll be 50 in 2013 and want to do something monumental (for me).  After that; I will try and only do shorter races, maybe 50k's and work on my speed.  With work and family its just too much trying to keep up this schedule for more than a couple more years..

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