With about a week to go before the first big race of the year, the Pineland Farms 50k I ran a 12k (7.44 miles) on the roads at a local race.  I figured it would be a nice idea to run a little faster than my usual runs.  The race doesn’t have a lot of hills and was fairly small by road standards so seemed like a good choice.

I started out fast-  at 8 minutes per mile for the first and then the next two at 840 per.  Not fast at all for most people, but for my slow bones a fast start and faster than any 5k I have done in many years.  My legs started to tire and I didn’t want to blow them out so I eased off a little-  some on purpose and then some but feeling and finished in 1:07:46 at 9:06 per mile.  It wasn’t a bad run- faster than anything I had done for 7.5 miles so far but I was a little disappointed.  My friend Dean ran as well, and finished well at 1:10.

Following the race I was surprisingly sore and achy-  a final week of tapering before the big day.

Race review here…  http://tucooutdoors.weebly.com/race-reviews.html

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