There is no other way to say it; this Ultra thing is personal and selfish.  Unintended, of course.  The hours of training late at night, the early hours spent on the weekends are all supposed to cut short the amount of family time I miss due to Ultra training.  But in the end the benefits are mostly mine- improved health and fitness, reduced stress levels and a lot of fun.  Sure, I could argue that the family gets benefits from those things as well but that would be missing the point.  I participate in Ultra’s and train for Ultra’s because I want to.

Fully appreciating the families understanding of the time I put into this (added to the fact the starting base of free time is very low already), I was looking for a way to make 2011 not just about my fun but also trying to do something of value.

The result is the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research Oil Creek 100k Charity Run.  I participated in the Oil Creek Trail races 100k in 2010 (unsuccessfully) and will return this year hoping to make this a charity event to raise money for Sarcoidosis research (donations going directly to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research). 2010 was a tough year for my wife who was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis- but I’ll leave it to say that it’s her personal story to tell and I won’t provide details here.  But I do know that this can be very difficult disease to deal with and there is still little known about it.

I have set up a charity site- .  If you are able to assist with a donation of any amount; it is greatly appreciated.  Even if you can’t, I’d recommend going to the site and reading some of the details about Sarcoidosis (link to the FSR included).  The event is on October 8, but I will be training and racing throughout the year in preparation and will post results on the charity site. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide and for your interest.

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