Although I had done more training this year (running, walking and riding) than in any year in recent memory, I came into turkey week not having done much- to get some rest and to  let my legs heal.  Even with that, I didn’t give much thought to the 5k as all of the effort during the year surely would allow me to go hard for 5k.  No problem….

Race morning started with stomach issues- which I luckily avoided all year on race days.  I thought I had cleared that up but ½ mile into the race my stomach turned sour and got worse as I went.  I was nauseas from ankle to mouth and had cramps in my side and back to boot.  Long story short, I slowed up the rest of the way and slowly jogged it in.

 Not only had I thought this would be a piece of cake; I was annoyed early at slower people getting in the way.  I turned out to be that guy the rest of the way. I don’t have any long term goals for the 5k, but this was sad, pathetic and ugly.  I finished around 31:33. 

 Back to working out and focusing on long slow races.

 More importantly, it was a nice Thanksgiving and I ate a ton of turkey.

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