After finishing my first 50 last year and starting to run much more consistently I’ve put together a loose plan for 2012 which includes a number of races and preparation for my main goals for 2013.
To start, my 2012 calendar looks like the following (so far):

March 18  TARC Spring Thaw  6 hour- training race
April 28     TARC Spring Classic  50K           
June 30    Finger Lakes 50
August  13  TARC Summer Classic 12 hour       Training race
September 23 Pisgah Mt. trail Races 50K
October 13  TARC Fall Classic 50K  Training Race
November  3  StoneCat Ale  50 Mile
December Across The Years 24 hrs

All of the above is subject to getting into the races, and any training race could be substituted for something else as it nears.  The goal for 2012 has a few facets: 1) build up miles.  2) Run a stronger 50 Mile Race and 3) being prep for my 2013 goal.

New races to me are the TARC Summer and Fall Classics, the Finger Lakes 50, the StoneCat Ale 50 and the Across the Years 24 hour race.  Across the Years is my first race travelling long distance; it’s a multi day race in Phoenix.  I’ll be doing the 24 hour single day race, a new long for being on my feet as well.  I’ll also be travelling to the Finger Lakes 50, driving that is, for two nights of camping.

Loose thoughts are to do around 40 miles per week in the winter and spring and them ramp up to 50 or more during the summer and the remainder of the year.  I have big plans for 2013, a real challenge for me so I need to build up one more year of good base mileage and start to do some elevation later in the year.  If I stay healthy through the year, then 2013 will shape up well.

Off to the races……

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