Today, I finally registered for the Pineland Farms 50.  Seems like no big deal (really, it’s not) but represents something different for me at the start of year two of Ultra running.

Last year the Pisgah Mt. 50k was done very easily with no time pressure; as well as the Oil Creek 100k.  Though I didn’t finish Oil Creek, (due to training and other issues which I feel were out of my control) the cutoff was so generous timing was not an issue.

Pineland Farms 50 has a 13 hour cutoff, which works out to 15:36 per mile.  To an Ultra Runner of quality, or even little quality, this may not be an issue but I have only finished one Ultra at it was a 50k (though I will have completed another 50k before Pineland Farms.

The usual safety net of the soft cutoff will be gone.  This race will have lots of continual rolling hills as well as heat.  I plan on the finish, and getting the finisher’s cowbell and pint glass.  I will say though that I will be feeling pressure at the beginning of the race to stay on pace.

My first test- should be fun.

On a side note I was talking about Ultra events at a holiday party and a neighbor showed a lot of interest and has been training hard and even signed up for the Pineland Farms 25k.  Good to have a friend who lives close by to participate with and travel to events and to introduce somebody to Ultra events.  He will also be traveling with me to the NJ Ultra race to get the lay of the Ultra land.  It should be good for him to get in a workout and to help me, of needed.  His goal for the year will be the Oil Creek 50k- which I am sure he will succeed in.  We will be traveling to that one in October…..

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