Things have been going fairly well; but after 2010 I knew at some point injury would occur.  I have been icing my shins every day and trying to take a break from hard workouts, which I did last week.

So what happens day 1 after starting back workouts in full again?  Shin splints in my left leg-  the miserable leg that was the bane of my existence last year.  The workout was a 60 minute run and as of now, some 16 hours later, I am having throbbing pain.  Funny thing is I was easing off due to potential knee pains!

So, tonight I am going to go back to power walking fast on the treadmill and the heavy duty icing routine I used to get me past this last year.  It’s a tough blow, as I was way ahead of last years workouts ( though still not back on 50 mile race readiness).  I know that I can still power walk to shape for a good Oil Creek 100k, but running is going to be the key for my goals beyond 2011……

In 2010 this type of thing was totally demoralizing; I need to somehow move beyond.  Perhaps my role model should be Uli Kamm-  who walks his Ultra races and has completed many 100 milers.


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