For the last 4 months an old calf injury has resurfaced and caused soreness and tightness up and down my left leg below the knee.  I cut back on training in September and limped into my big 100K attempt not having done much training in the month before.

 Eager to start 2011 in better shape than ever, I jumped back into working out and that nagging injury up the back of my leg slowed, but not stopped me.  Odd for me, usually the pain is so bad I know I have to stop.  This time, frustrated, after months of cutting back and adjusting and cross training I decided to stop doing anything and let the leg heal.

 It’s at the point where I no longer feel any issue- yet I know there is a chance that starting workouts again will aggravate it unless it’s fully healed.  The time off has helped for sure, but how do you know its time to start again?  Originally, the plan was to wait till 12/1 but feeling good I have the itch again….

 A hike in the woods on 11/19 may tell me more about what I need to know- hopefully it tells me good news.

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