The year has been sort of a struggle-  started off great, awesome weather over the winter and then starting in March I was having stomach issues. Those went away but since May, I have had hamstring issues that have slowed and finally stopped my running.  I ran through it for a while, but I’d rather stop and recover to full running than continue to battle mediocre running.

Anyhow….the point here is its time to state what it’s all about, what’s the point, where’s the goal of this running.

So unveiling for the first time on the web…..September 27, 2013, I’ll be attempting the Bear 100 race.  Cricket, cricket….OK-  so its just me here but humoring myself….I’ll be age 50 in 2013 and I’d like to do something.  Something I think is life changing, something that digs deep into the soul and looks at the kind of heart, head spirit I have.  An event that so awesome and beautiful that I’ll never forget it.

So what?  The Bear clocks in with the following- 100 miles, and over 21,000 feet of elevation gain with a 36 hour time limit.  New to Ultra’s?  No matter- to anybody, that should sounds nuts.  To me it is.  Sounds overwhelming.  Feels impossible.  But... Why Not?  Why can’t I get out on the start line and start jogging, then walk then crawl and then cry and roll into the fetal position and then crawl 100 miles?  Why the hell not.  So today for me starts 461 days of Why Not? for me. 

The good news- I won’t be going this totally alone.  Good friend Mike Saporito will be doing the Bear and good friend Dean Hugo will be crewing for us.  Now that’s a good friend.  Two miserable creeps spitting venom late into the night and volunteering to help.  Good man!

One final note- the date of the finish- 9/28/13 is the 10 year anniversary of my dads passing.  The night before he died he looked at pictures of my first NH hikes and totally to my surprise, told me he wished he could have joined me.  Not a nature lover or athlete- it shocked me.  I’ll be taking dad long with me on the Bear,  Nuff said for now.

My running is below average, my head is a mess, and my body is breaking down.

Think I can’t do it?  Why Not?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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