2010 started with a hidden desire to challenge myself physically and mentally in new ways.  I had learned of Ultra Running from Wayne Kurtz, founder of Racetwitch.com, at a Vermont Snowshoe race.  I was hooked, and although I had not run long distances in many years I was hoping to participate in Ulta (distances longer than a marathon) trail events that I could run and walk in.

I’ll reduce my crazy year to a quick sentence-  hard training, injuries, death in family, son’s Bar Mitzvah, illness in family, more injuries and some good workouts.  The results was the following racewise:

§                     Rothrock Challenge 30k (18.6 miles)-  6:15:00 (June). 

§                     Pisgah Mt. Trail Race 50k- 8:22:00 (31 Miles)(September)

§                     Oil Creek Trail Races 100k (62 Miles)- DNF at mile 53.6 (October) .

My races were slow as I did most of my training as fast walking and I feared going out too hard at distances and terrains I was unfamiliar with.  They were all great experiences; my DNF at Oil Creek though dissapointing likely gave me some experience to help me through future tough races. 

Its been tough-  my progress is constantly slowed by leg issues, left leg to be exact.  Each night I am either icing or heating a shin, hammy, knee or calf.  Stretching has become more routine.  Weekday workouts are usually late night in the basement on the incline trainer.  I look at this as another challenge- I will never be able to acheive fast times this way but I will do the best I can based on the training my body will endure.

2011 will hopefully allow faster times and more success-  Training has already begun.  My first challenge is the NJ Ultra Festival 50 miler March 19.  Training in winter will be another new challenge; but I am hoping to start the year in much better shape than last.  Other challenges are already planned for the year but the ultimate goal is to finish the Oil Creek 100k on October 8, 2011.  Perpetual slow motion- just keep moving. I hope to also add some humanitarian value by doing these challenges; more to follow in early January….

Its usually funny when trying to explain what I am doing to most people. They generally look incredulously at me, wondering why the heck I am doing spending all that time in the basement and in the woods.  Frankly, I can’t explain it myself…………..

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