February was a month driven by reaction to shin pain.  Mostly on the right leg but some on the left.  I altered strategies a bit as a result, 1) skipped the long workout for all but the last weekend , 2) Did a lot more cycling and 3) started working more on elevation at slower speeds.

For the most part I was able to do some workout throughout the month so my training alterations worked pretty well.  I still have some shin pain on the right side but have been able to work through it.  The GOOD news was the last workout and best of February and the year-  5 hours, including 2.5 hours of running over 22.5 miles.  It came as a bit of a surprise; as I started the pain subsided so I just kept pushing.  With a 50k race in 3 weeks, it was a mental victory and a good workout.

It was great to get outside for a few days to run.  I hope to start to do it more frequently but I still dream of trails without snow and ice.

Racing season starts in March and I am excited at the opportunity to start to test my fitness levels.  The NJ Ultra Festival is a perfect place to start, as it’s a very flat course.  I full expect a 50k PR and have set my expectations in relation to the ease of the course (no hills at all, rail trail).

Rating-  B.  I am going to be tough on myself.  I did several runs, a couple outdoors with a friend which was a nice change of pace.  I had the big month ending workout.  But I can’t shake the negative feeling of the month in that I had to alter my training to account for pain.  I am way ahead of my training compared to 2010 but have high hopes for the year so I’ll go with a B.  Also, I need to find a way to keep from falling asleep at night before working out!  I have missed on average one workout a week due to this and although I may need the sleep I hate to keep missing the workouts………      

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